The Twilight Zone

I grew up in almost an innocent world years ago. The odd time after my parents finally got a black tv I watched a show called The Twilight Zone. Some hapless victim always stumbled into some misadventure and ended trapped in a stressful situation. Nothing usually made sense,the rules of time suspended,and it was clear once you got into this strange situation you did your best to get out of it. The bible is full of people who had difficult traumatic situations. They needed escape. (Ei-Daniel facing hungry lions). The need to be delivered from a traumatic life experience is something I know about over my life. The people of Israel were in harsh, brutal circumstances while in Egypt. They could not escape Egyptian bondage until God opened up a supernatural way through the Red Sea. Is your life in limbo because you are struck with illness, divorce, betrayal, death of a family member, spouse or friend. The Twilight Zone dwellers have lives filled with can’ts. This is an almost overwhelming feeling to have daily. These ‘cant’s form internet groups just to share with others their cant’s. That’s a train wreck waiting to happen unless someone says, “there is a way out of this situation, His Name is Jesus.” He grips my life daily and gives me hope midst my dear wife’s chronic illness. We are not victims of trauma, we are over-comers in the Person of Jesus Christ. The scripture says, Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you, the righteous shall not be moved.( Psalm 55:22). You can find strength for your journey and a promise of deliverance in the power of the cross, burial, and resurrection of Christ. You are not in the Twilight Zone dear friend, but in His hands of Almighty God preparing for your personal Exodus.

Lord, I don’t understand!

When my wife Linda was diagnosed with severely degenerating disc disease in her neck and spine life changed for us overnight. If you had the same thing happen with the onset of chronic illness you will know what I mean. The natural mind thought, Father, We have been pastoring churches for over 40 years, sought to be obedient to your Word so we don’t understand why this happened. Have we sinned against you? In searching our minds and hearts it became clear we could become angry at the Lord for bringing this illness upon us, or press into the Lord, “Come near to the Lord, and He will come near to you(James 4:8) Now life is daily transformed by His Presence.

Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in o-gravity at the ISS.

I am reading Scott’s record of his journey entitled, Endurance. He had previously spent 6 months at the ISS and come home with health issues. Waving good buy to his wife and children as he entered the Soyuz rocket was heart wrenching to me because nobody knew if this year in space would kill him. How tough is your own journey as you start 2018? The Christian has the weapons and power of God’s Word, The Holy Spirit to provide strength for our journey. Put your trust this year in Jesus.

Today We Fight

If you are anything like me last year was so filled with conflict, wars, natural disasters, earthquakes and fires.

Maybe through the years you heard other Christians say, boy ,”I’m really being tested and see little end in sight. Last fall my lovely wife Linda was diagnosed with degenerated discs in her neck and back. She had a month or more of pain even emergence doctors could not control. Maybe you, a spouse, or another had a similar trauma. Only a week in hospital was able to stop the pain in August. Since them she has become marginally better, but has daily fatigue that makes her sleep more because of heavy meds. We are going for full restoration of Linda by faith in His healing power.

In a scene from the third Lord of the Rings movie King Aragon seeks to inspire his hopelessly outnumbered men against what seems like sure defeat of the enemy. Riding along the front Lines of His gathered army he shouts,” I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart out of me. The day is here where men’s hearts fail. But this is not a day to have doubts we can win, no, THIS IS A DAY WE FIGHT.”

Christian, The day has come when we cannot he filled with fear, we cannot offer passive resistance to Satan and his forces, we take up the armour of God as recorded in Ephesians 6 and we fight! I can see today as Jesus did, Satan falling like lightening as the army of the Lord rises up in the authority and power of Jesus to break through enemy lines and win a victory in Jesus’s Name. I have chosen a biblical word, “FIGHT” for this year recognizing the difficult seasons the Church of Christ is facing this year. Now at 70 years old, after 40 years pastoring , retiring 2 years ago I have chosen to go to war this year believing Jesus will continue to defeat,the works of the enemy as I pray and move into action in faith in Jesus Christ. Come, brother, come sister, “This is is a day to fight”.

Praise the Lord! Brother Paul